In Tantra worden 10 Godinnen vereerd, die allemaal stuk voor stuk een bepaald energetisch aspect van Vrouwelijkheid vertegenwoordigen.
Bij elke Godin hoort ook een speciale Yantra ( Soort Mandala tekening ) waarom je kan mediteren om deze energie in jezelf meer te integreren.
Met deze Godinnenkrachten wordt op allerlei manieren gewerkt, bijvoorbeeld door dans.

Alle 10 vertegenwoordigen ze speciale krachten , inzichten en of energien en hieronder worden ze beschreven.

Het concept van deze Godinnen komt uit de Puranas, oude geschriften die ook wel de 5e Veda’s ( De veda’s bestaan normaliter uit 4 boeken) genoemd worden.

Deze 5e Veda speelt een belangrijke rol in de Shakti ( Vrouwelijke oorspronkelijke Natuur van het Universum) verering.

Met het begin van deze Vrouwelijke Shakti verering ontstond ook een sterkte Bhakti periode in India, het pad van de devotionele manier om Zelf-realisatie te vinden.

De 10 Godinnen representeren alle aspecten van het vrouwelijke van extreem eng . donker en “” horrific” tot heel erg mooi , licht en zacht.

Hieronder verder in een engelse tekst die ik ooit schreef over deze 10 Mahavidyas.

Maha : Great
Vidya: Knowledge or revelation

The text called Devi Gita (Song of the Goddess) describes all these 10 Goddessess in detail and how and what should be worshipped.

As in all sects (hier bedoeld religiueze groeperingen die allemaal op weer een net iets andere manier de Godin vereren) deep spiritual en simple aspect become very detailed religious rites in which on one hand the real meaning gets lost and on the other hand, one detail can represent a very strong energetic manifetation of divine energy.

Here is a list with the names of these 10 Goddesses:

The Divine Mother (of the Universe, or Parashakti) is adored and approached in 10 different qualities.
They are Tantric , which is meaning: controlling, understanding , weaving the essence of the energy of each of these Goddesses will lead to liberation.

1.Kali : The ultimate form of Brahman, Beyond Time and Space, She wears a garland of skulls depicting death of the ego / winning over all demons, ulimately she is dancing on top pf Shiva depicting becoming completely One with Shiva Consciousness. She is the most strong and dark, also depicting the ultimatie darkness and nothingness of the Universe

2.Tara: The Goddess as Guide and Protector, or Who Saves.Who offers the ultimate knowledge which gives salvation, sometimes also known as Saraswati, has Mother Mary qualities and is Goddess of the Arts.

3.:Lalita-Tripurasundari: (Shodashi): The Goddess Who is “Beautiful in the Three Worlds, she is a very Tantric energy which knows 3 dimensions of existence and can give liberation through releasing the veils between the 3 worlds , also the sexual-tantric consort (as parvati) of Shiva( as in Parvati sitting in Shiva’s lap in these well-known pictures, Yab-Yum position

4.:Bhuvaneshvari: The Goddess as World Mother, or Whose Body is the Cosmos, earthy in touch with all the elements , giving birth to children- energy.

5.:Bhairavi: The Fierce Goddess, she who can go to war to fight for what is right and win.

6.:Chhinamasta: The Self-Decapitated Goddess, she cuts of her own head to loose completely her identity, personality and like this..she is neither this or that, she therefore is able to only be and serve for the world(in the story, she feeds her devotees with her head) She is the giver of good endings and saviour of the Universe, saving situations and calamities.

7.:Dhumavati: The Widow Goddess,or the Goddess of death. Goddess of transformation, transforming qualities, Goddess of Fire and burning processes, dissolving processes.

8.:Bagalamukhi: The Goddess Who Paralyzes Enemies, has special siddhi’s and shamanic qualities.

9.:Matangi:the Prime Minister of all the Goddesses, there is a song called the Sri Lalita Sahasranama which sings of the 1000 names of The Divine Mother and describing like that in detail all her qualities and energetic movements, yoga’s and mudra’s and meaning in every way. This is a chant you can sing, lasts around an hour and is a beautifull poetic Sanskrit song. It is still very popular and sung all over India and gives a realy strong spiritual energy when is listened to or sung. Matangi is also called the “Tantric Saraswati” She who is knowledgable in all scriptures and knows the tantric effects of all feminine qualities.

10.:Kamala:The Lotus Goddess; the “Tantric Lakshmi”, The Dakini Goddess, she who knows how to lure men in every way, knower of kama (desire/lust) as in Kama sutra (song of desire/lust) and who knows all knowledge on sexuality en erotic art.

.All ten forms of the Goddess, whether gentle or terrifying, are worshiped as the universal Mother in itself, so there is, ofcourse a paradox, to worship one would be enough to gain Liberation while on other hand it is said that the understanding and experience of all qualities can only gain liberation.

All these Goddess are strongly associated with death, ritual and all kinds and forms of unconventional worship. Real shakta’s become, through there unwavering Devotion, one with each one of these Goddessess and all their qualities, practicing all kinds of unconventional things to reach that goal. To question all “normal” social ideas, as comfort security respect and honor in doing things that are considered forbidden of out of the ordinary helps them (the Shakti’s : for women and the Shakta’s : for men) to rise and stretch above ones normal consciousness and break away from approved social norms and expectations. In this way a true tantric path wich can be seen as Crazy Wisdom.

However the goal lies in Liberation of all ideas and concepts and be completely one with the energy of the Divine Feminine which in the end is the Pure Love of the universe which means no harm to anyone. It is the integrating of all the energies wich will lead to the liberation of norms and preconceptual ideas of “how to live”.

© Jacqueline Snelder , 2011

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